Feb 06

From the very beginning of the civilization people are using natural sources of remedies for various health complications. Ephedra is the most reliable herbal remedy for many health concerns. It is the shrub found in some central Asian countries like china, India and Mongolia. The main active component of this ephedra plant (epherdra sinica or Ma Huang in Chinese language) is ephedrine. Ephedrine is the synthetic version formulated in the laboratory which is collected from ephedra. Ephedra has been used widely by Chinese and Indian native people for the herbal remedy of flu, asthma, fever, colds and other respiratory related complications. These days’ researchers have revealed that it can be used for weight loss, to increase energy and stamina etc. Dried elements of ephedra can be used to create pills, capsules and teas etc.

Nowadays ephedra is applied as bronchodilator. It keeps airways open and continues air passing from lung. For the protection of asthma attack it is a life saving medicine.

For the last twenty years ephedra or ephedrine hydrochloride got special recognition in the field of weight loss. It is the most reliable herbal supplement that increases your metabolism system rapidly. Ephedra is thermogenic it increases the core level of temperature of human body. It increases the blood flow, warms body and speeds up the metabolic actions. All of these lead you to lose weight very efficiently even when you are in sleep. So that athletes and body builders prefer it most to build muscle with less physical efforts and following no diet.

Sometimes ephedra is combined with caffeine and aspirin which is known as ECA. ECA stake is more efficient fat burner among all other supplements available in the market.

Ephera is lifesaving in deed. Previously many countries banned it due to the safety of public health and controlling abuse. Moderate use of this is always blessing but abuse can bring suffering.  So talk to a general physician before taking this medicine.